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106 XSI parts fitting a 1.4 92' carb'd 309 GL???

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106 XSI parts fitting a 1.4 92' carb'd 309 GL???

Postby 309jordan » Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:34 pm

Evening all, new here, new to the 309!, she's a beaut.

Days after purchasing my 309, my boss instantly mentioned a 106 XSi he used to own that'd been put up for sale, when he had it, he put kent cams in, piper vernier pulley, full stainless, fully adjustable koni's and many other things, the cars up for £200 (low compression in one cylinder), he reckons that all of the above will fit my 1.4 309?.

there's loads of things i'd take off the XSI to make my 309 more badass, but, the XSI is injected, mines carbed, will the cams and pulleys from the injected XSI fit my carb'd 309?

I assume the suspension from the 106 wont fit the 309?

and will the fuel pump's swap over, the 106 has a 'race pump' in it, and my pump has a few 'issues', so if it fits, it makes sense to swap it.

cheers for the help.
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