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Valuation help

Valuation help

Postby bobdylan_55 » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:15 am

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get a rough value for my 309, mainly just because id like to know, but also just encase I ever need to sell her etc. I have had a look around on car sale sites (ebay and such) and the prices vary quite a lot and also not a lot for sale so hard to judge.

I have attached the spec and pics below, any advice / help is appreciated :)

Presume the car has 12 months MOT as it is soon going through its test.


Engine; Mapped @ 1.5 Bar - 320bhp atf - Ran at 2.3 Bar safely for an hour with no issues.

XU10J2TE Cylinder Block
XU10J4 16v Head
Decompression plate (8:1)
S16 pistons, rods and Knife edge crank
Custom steel turbo manifold
Custom stainless steel down pipe and exhaust system
Mocal oil cooler
T04e Turbocharger (plus all the gubbins - wastegate, blow off valve and intercooler etc)
Group N Engine mounts
Mega squirt ECU
Nissan 200sx aluminum radiator to cope with additional cooling requirements
Fully rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago
Probably loads more that I missed


ML5T Gearbox (same as 406 2.0 petrol turbo and v6 etc)
Cable gearshift for the above
Custom made driveshafts to suit
Helix twin plate clutch
2 x Helix organic clutch plates (capable of 490Nm torque)
AP Hydraulic release bearing


AP Coilover setup on front
Rebuilt standard rear beam and new mounts - lowered 20mm - covered less than 1000 miles
Front suspension components replaced (Lower arms, track rod ends, drop links, group N top mounts etc)


Rust treatment on underside and a protection layer applied
Full rewire with schematics
Front passenger compartment re-carpeted with new insulation too (rear stripped out)
Battery relocated to rear
Additional gauges added (Boost, water temp)
Digi Dash for RPM, speed, fuel, warning lights, indicator lights etc
OMP Drivers seat with OMP subframe and EARS harnesses (standard passenger seat)
Fire extinguisher under passenger seat


Peugeot 406 v6 calipers (IIRC)
OMP race pads - standard vented discs
Pedal box with bias bar etc - master cylinders 0.75, 0.7, 0.625 for clutch, rear brakes and front brakes respectively

I have probably missed loads, but I guess there is enough there to go on?








Thanks :)
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Re: Valuation help

Postby owen » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:11 pm

Priceless mate just like mine.
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