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Wanted K553 LMK Goodwood GTI 5 door

Wanted K553 LMK Goodwood GTI 5 door

Postby goodwoodgood » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:08 pm

Hi, I used to own this car back in the late 90's and ended up selling it in 2000 after my local Peugeot garage gave it a 72K mile service and basically returned it to me with a Jekyll and Hyde personality - one day it would start, next day it won't, next day it runs, next day it runs but loses power etc etc. As I needed a car for my job 20 miles away I ended up selling it, trading it in for a new car. Regretted it ever since, and have been keeping an eye out for it since, but have never found.

If anyone has this car, and is looking to sell, let me know please, thanks

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Re: Wanted K553 LMK Goodwood GTI 5 door

Postby miles1234 » Sun May 07, 2017 9:27 pm

Hi , up until a couple of years ago I used to keep notes on 309's that came up for sale , they are much rarer now so I don't still do it but I have had a look through my paperwork and that registration only shows up once . My notes show a 5 door Goodwood with that reg number was on Ebay on 09/02/14 and sold ( I think ) for £1600 , it was in Darlington - Durham and the ad said it had a rebuilt axle and a mileage of 110 .
Hope this helps .
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