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309 BETTER tha 205 -what do you think ?

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309 BETTER tha 205 -what do you think ?

Postby 309gr » Sat May 06, 2017 4:56 am

New Zealand Rotorua I am new but have had mine since 2003

Hi everyone
On the internet etc it seems the 205 is "THE" Peugeot in the 80s and early 90s. I have never owned one but test drove one once and it seemed so small. I would probably love to own one. However, the 309 seems more of an underestimated model. And quirky looks- which I love :x .

Mine is French assembled and is a 1992 1580cc GR Automatic. 204,000 KMS. A 5 door hatch is such a great concept.

Today I sold my gorgeous 1992 405 GR Diesel turbo to release some cash. A superb car- love the pre-facelift. In red 162,000 KMS.

I would love some comments as to why the 309 is so special. They are "unique"

Look forward to your thoughts
Gerard in Rotorua New Zealand
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Re: 309 BETTER tha 205 -what do you think ?

Postby miles1234 » Sun May 07, 2017 8:49 pm

Hi , I have had 3 205 GTI's over many years and they were great little cars but I sold my last one about 7 years ago to buy my first 309 ( a 309 GTI Goodwood 5 door ) and I now have 3 309's and cant see me changing them for years to come . I originally wanted to try a 309 because I am 6 foot tall and was fed up with my head touching the roof lining and thought the extra room would come in handy .
They are very similar to a 205 and many parts like engine , gearbox , brakes and suspension are identical so I just look at it as a slightly larger 205 and because they are not as famous right now they are cheaper which is a bonus .
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